Maisense: Global Teamwork in Taiwan and Switzerland.

In recent years, Taiwan and its capital, Taipei, have developed globally into a significant production, research and technology centre. Taiwan is a country with one of the highest amounts of patent applications in the world and is already a leader in ICT.

Maisense is an innovative startup working in pharmaceutical technology. Founded in 2012, Maisense was granted the award for "Best Investment Potential" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, in the very same year. The team includes people with medical and engineering capability in Taiwan as well as product design and marketing intelligence in Switzerland.

The name "Maisense" was derived from the word “Mai” in Chinese (pulse) which is an important bio-signal for both modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Company Vision

Maisense stands for healthcare solutions that make people's lives easier and better due to innovative technology and user-friendliness.

Maisense Company Organisation


Company Milestones

  • Jun 2012: founded with seed capital USD 1 million
  • July 2012: won "Best Investment Potential Award" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan
  • Feb 2014: reported by the CommonWealth Magazine as an innovative technology startup
  • July 2014: raised USD 1 million in the Seed+ round
  • Nov 2014: Freescan® first launched in the MEDICA medical expo
  • Feb 2015: reported by the CommonWealth Magazine: Maisense Changing an Industry
  • Mar 2015: raised USD 3 millions in the Series A round
  • Apr 2015: Freescan® passed clinical trial in NTU hospital
  • Sep 2015: granted CE mark for FreescanTM
  • Nov 2015: Freescan® won 2015 National Innovation Award, Taiwan
  • Dec 2015: started selling in Switzerland
  • Jan 2016: Arab Health 2016 in Dubai, Freescan® has been granted the honor of placing 2nd amongst the Top 10 Innovative Health Products.
  • Jun 2016: 26th European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection
  • Sep 2017: granted the honor of being awarded the 2017 Golden Peak Award for Outstanding R&D Works.