• Your heart in good hands.
  • Blood pressure measurement on the spot
  • Small & mobile.
  • Messbar besser.
  • Because your health is precious.

Start scanning today and prevent future dismay.




Benefits at a glance

Cardiovascular Monitor

Simple, discreet and painless.

Rechargeable battery

One battery charge is sufficient for up to 150 measurements. Can be charged simply using the USB cable.

Precise and reliable

Thanks to the patented PulseRead® technology.

Fast measurement

Within just 10 seconds, Freescan® provides your current measurement results.

Small & mobile

Freescan® is small, portable and fits in any trouser pocket. Measure when and where you want to.

Wireless data transfer

The Freescan® data can be transferred simply via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or PC.

App & Cloud Integration

The Freescan® app opens up additional features. Your data is always available via the Cloud.

More than blood pressure measurement

Along with the blood pressure values, Freescan® also shows you your pulse and stress level.